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White Bean Hummus

Join us on our food journey in 2018 and lets create a food revolution! This year we will be blogging lots about delicious healthy recipes for you to try and also posting videos with handy tips to help you out when your trying out these recipes. This weeks recipe is our delicious White Bean Hummus. It features in the newly launched Carlow Cookbook, not only is it delicious but a super healthy recipe too.

One of the main ingredients in our recipe is our Tahini, which is the only Irish produced Tahini produced in Co. Carlow and based on a traditional family Greek recipe. It’s very high in protein, fibre, low in satured fat and of course very high in healthy fats. Tahini is becoming very popular because of its high nutritional value. Tahini is also gluten free, diary free and suitable for vegans. 

It can be used in various salad recipes and because of it’s high nutritional value is often regarded as a superfood.We also use our very own ‘Oleum’ Extra Virgin Olive Oil in the recipe, which has won more than 20 global taste awards. It is cold pressed with a very low acidity level which is key to a premium extra virgin olive oil. Check out our short video on youtube for some of those handy tips!!

Our White Bean Recipe is ready and waiting for you to try it out!

You can also find the link to our recipe on our FB page

If you’d like to learn more about us and our journey so far check out this great video produced and supported by the Carlow Local Enterprise Board, Carlow County Council, Carlow Tourism and Ireland’s Ancient East.

Let us know how you get on with our White Bean Hummus salad recipe!

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